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Rachel Gunsch

I am a recent graduate of Warren Wilson College and have decided to pursue my passion for pottery as a professional endeavor. With the help of my family, I built a studio in our backyard and began my small business: SunRay Pottery. My work is primarily functional dinnerware that is intended to reveal the beauty in everyday objects and moments. We are often so caught up in our lives that we forget to slow down and appreciate the beauty that constantly surrounds us. Inspiration for my surface design is often formed by my travels. I enjoy finding ordinary experiences that are transformed into meaningful memories through a beautiful detail. Noticing the beauty of cracked and undulating sidewalk mosaic tiles or feeling a sense of belonging across cultures through household chores like hanging the laundry out to dry are experiences that I strive to represent in my work. I hope my pottery will encourage those who use it to be present and aware of their experience with the piece. Maybe that ordinary cup of coffee or meal after work will become something to savor rather than just another step towards the end of the day.

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